We asked Siobhan McGinnis, a regular student of Hanna Somatics how she has experienced the practice and what to expect as a beginner.

How long have you been coming to hanna somatics classes?

I first went to Cat for a Bengali massage back in 2012! She told me about somatics and how I would benefit from it…..so not exactly sure of when I started the 1st 6 week course but defo been doing it for 5 yrs! Cant actually believe its been that long.

What is a typical class like?

A typical class is mostly floor work and we usually start with a full body scan. Maybe one week we will focus on the shoulder /neck or legs. First, we will work on the right hand side of the body with small slow movements and then compare it to the left hand side to see how we feel in our body that day. The slower you can do the movements the better, its about the sensation and not about getting somewhere in the class. You intially think how is this going to work but its truly amazing!

How often do you come to class?

Hanna somatics class on a Tuesday at 10 am is in my schedule every week. I love that it’s a drop in class so if I have alot on and miss it I can do some at home, but do notice when I miss a class.

What are the after affects of attending a class? – (has it helped heal any injuries/aches/pains?)

After effects have been massive for me ! This is why I’ve stuck at it for so long! It’s freed up my neck and shoulders as this is where I hold my stress and it’s actually changed the shape of my shoulders! I feel like my legs are a foot longer after a class centered around the legs. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders & my movements are so much more fluid and pain free.

How has it made a difference to your life?

It has become part of my self-care. I know the movements I can practise and maintain my wellbeing myself. 

Cat will be running a Hanna Somatic Workshop 1st April. To learn more click here.