Neil Morbey

Mindfulness & Positivity

Neil comes from a background of intense corporate work as a designer of urban landscapes and art, matched only by his obsession with extreme rock climbing. He was rarely able to enjoy the present moment, and covered up his numb emotions and negative thinking by over-working and taking huge risks in a bid to feel more alive. In this he damaged his relationships, physical and emotional health.

At 30 Neil changed his life and began to heal his emotional and physical wounds as he learned about Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness and Emotional Fitness teachings in Dance, Buddhism, Tantra, Conscious communication and through his favourite teacher, Mark Dunn. Throughout this Neil never lost touch with his playful edge and was encouraged to cultivate this alongside his self-awareness and self-acceptance practices.

Today Neil teaches in all these areas, as well as with a theatrical and dance aspect. He works with adults and young people. His ambition is to bring Mindfulness into all aspects of society so that we can all be connected to what we love more often and develop emotional resilience. This includes work in schools, with his company, Positively-Mindful. This has given Neil the freedom to develop his own techniques that help people reconnect to their senses, challenge their negative beliefs and bring more a more playful balance into their lives.

So if you are finding anxiety, mood-swings, guilt, confusion or depression are making life heavy or making you sick then Neil encourages you to come along to his classes with a smidgen of willingness to be playful and present.