Mark Dunn

Mindfulness & Insight

Despite an outwardly successful life, Mark’s inner world was very far from perfect. He was rarely able to enjoy the present moment, and an endless barrage of negative thinking caused mood swings and exhaustion and finally led to the break-up of his marriage.

He could no longer live with the constant churning of his worrying mind and realized that he had to find a new way of being. He left his job in London and, over the next five years, studied with the wise and liberated in various places around the world.

The more he learned, the more he experienced joy and inner freedom. He started to develop his own practice, which slowly evolved into Positive Meditation. Over time, this technique has given him, and many others, the profound ability to love and accept whatever life throws at them.

If you are having trouble living life to the full and are suffering from negative emotions like worry, anger, guilt, confusion or depression then Mark sincerely hopes you will give his classes a try.