Laura Gilmore

Hatha, Tantra & Meditation, Vinyasa Flow

Laura has practiced yoga since 1990 and been teaching since 2002. She is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance UK and teaches with warmth and humour to bring the ancient wisdom of yoga alive.

Classes include opportunities to release and relax deeply, as well as to challenge oneself on a physical level – finding greater ease and understanding within body and mind.

The asana work is both precise and at times more flowing, enabling students to get in touch with the “prana” or life force. Laura also includes pranayama (breath work), meditation and mindfulness. She experiences yoga as a means of deep personal transformation- coming to a place of greater acceptance within oneself. It is this heart of yoga she hopes to share with you.

Laura has had many teachers from different traditions, and with great respect brings aspects of different traditions together. Most recently she has studied intensively with Anodea Judith and  Tias Little, for many years she has studied with senior Iyengar teachers and Ashtanga teachers. She has also practiced Zen meditation with Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen), Vipassana meditation and tantra with Mukunda and Chinnmasta Stiles.