Ashley Russell

Vinyasa, Broga & Hatha

Ashley has been a student and teacher of yoga for over 20 years working in Europe, the USA and now back in the UK. He is also a registered psychiatric nurse and integrates tools for wellness within his teacher offering.

Iyengar and Vinyasa form the foundations of his practice.  When he lived in New York City he managed a teacher training facility teaching new yoga teachers in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®.

Now back in the UK he teaches vinyasa, hatha, Broga® and softer forms of yoga such as restorative and yin style. He is one of the core teachers at the Bristol School of Yoga and brings with him over two decades of experience in yoga, teaching and psychiatry.

He is inspired by helping others to take a leap of faith, and loves to watch them reap the rewards.

He is a Senior Yoga Teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance Professionals.

– His Journey –

During his nurse training in Bristol he started to dance. A fellow student took him to a class on Jacob’s Wells Road and although she never returned he never looked back. A whole world was opened up – the world of his physical body. Having hated sports at school he had written off his physical self as something to complain about – ‘my this is too that’, ‘if only I was a bit more XZY’. Having found a new relationship with his body he moved to Holland to embark on a crazy journey into the world of experimental dance that in turn led him to the discipline of ballet.
As yoga had always been a passion, once he decided to stop dancing it was a natural progression to take his yoga teaching further. Living with his partner in New York City he ran a teacher training facility and trained other teachers.

– His Outlook –

The experience of life comes in many forms – the body, the emotions, the thoughts. Understanding these experiences is a strong human driver; accepting them for what they are can be harder. Ashley does not promote anything that is esoteric or alienating and believes anyone can find a journey into their whole selves often using the gateway of body as many people do through a yoga class. His values include integrity, honesty and discipline. Ashley prides himself on being present, for plain speaking and celebrating achievements together.

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