by Laura Gilmore


I am not so much a single parent as a parent who has my child singly- his dad also has him at times.

In order to do my daily practice this means I need to rise early before my four year old. Usually 6am does it, but this morning I snuck into my son’s room to give him a sneaky kiss at 6am. He’s usually totally out of it, but today after I’d been practicing for 40 minutes he came down saying “I havent been to sleep at all!”.

And so my practice turned from my personal practice into a family practice. At first Madoc just played nearby. Then I played yoga with him- flying him above me on my feet. Swinging him to and fro on my legs. And then I asked him for some quiet time so we could just sit in meditation. “I’ll show you how to meditate” I said- and so snuggled up into my lap he sat and we breathed with awareness together- for a brief moment all was beautifully serene and quiet. And then a little voice said “Show me what you’re going to show me then!”.

Having a child does bring one so fully into the moment- if one gives it space. I also love the other sort of practice of watching each moment each day and cherishing that gorgeous boy!

But to be honest I do still love a few solitary hours on my mat/ cushion to move or be still and just enjoy creating space in the body and mind. This becomes harder with children, but the opportunities for growth and wonder abound.

(Written 2012)