Yoga was traditionally taught in small groups and on a one to one basis so this is the ideal learning scenario. If you’re looking to learn the basics, get to grips with your alignment, develop the confidence to walk into a Yoga class or to develop any aspect of your existing practice, then one to one classes are perfect.

Classes are usually held at our fully equipped studio, but we can also arrange for a teacher to come to you if you are more limited on time or if you would feel more comfortable at home. Below are some specific types of one to one sessions that we offer.  However the one to one session can be whatever you need it to be, please contact us so we can tailor your session

Design Your Own Practice

Work with a teacher to design your own yoga session. Come away with a sequence of poses and practices you can feel confident doing at home, which are suited to your body and lifestyle. Minimum of 90 minutes required for this session.

Backpain Relief

Find ways to relieve and prevent your backpain, come away with a greater understanding of the causes of pain or reduced mobility and how to work with your body to find release and ease.

Chronic Pain, ME and Injuries

Yoga is beneficial for chronic pain, conditions such as ME and for recovery from injury. Sometimes a Yoga class can be too much, or will not give you the attention you need. Working with an experienced teacher on a one to one basis can be really beneficial.

Anxiety and Depression

Yoga is extremely beneficial for anxiety and depression – but it is important that the style, pace and poses are suitable for your current state of mind and body to avoid exacerbating feelings of anxiety or depression.  Our teachers can tailor sessions to suit you, and how you’re feeling on the day of your session.

Walking into a Yoga class can seem daunting, and can sometimes create anxiousness rather than alleviate it.  So one to one classes are a great way to build your confidence so you feel comfortable attending a group class in the future.

If there are any other ways you feel a one to one session would help you please get in touch. We will find a teacher to suit you, who can tailor classes to meet your needs.


We currently charge £45 per hour for one to one sessions.

  • +£15 per hour with Laura Gilmore
  • +£5 per hour with a friend – up to 2 students
  • Extra for Home/Workplace venues to cover travel costs and equipment hire if required


If you are interested in signing up for a one to one session, get in touch via our Contact page.  In order for us to get the most out of the session, provide us with the following information:

  • Your preferred times of classes
  • What you are looking to get from a one to one session
  • What style of yoga you are looking for (if you know)
  • Any specific needs you have
  • If you would like a class at your home/workplace tell us your location and whether you will need equipment
  • The number of students

Please call the studio to make payment and to confirm your booking.

We require full payment in advance to confirm your booking.  If you have not paid in full within 24 hours then we reserve the right to cancel your booking.