In the middle of the current chaos, upheaval and difficulty we’re living though, we’ve been offered time to reflect on what is truly serving us; time to see what is needed and what needs to be cut away in order for new growth to emerge.

Here is a meditation to help you really focus the mind, feel steady and calm.

How to:

  1. Sit or lie in a comfy position. Start by connecting your roots. Imagine you have roots growing into the earth beneath you, down from your sitting bones deep into the ground. Tap into the source of your being as the energy of the earth. Breath softly and let tension melt away from your face and shoulders.
  2. Now focus on the very centre of your body, along the line of your spine from the tailbone to the crown of the head. Simply connect to your core as if this grows up from your roots, branching out into the lungs. Rest in the awareness of simply being and breathing gently.
  3. Now invite an image of anything which you no longer need in your life, which hinders you from realising your full potential, perhaps this feels or looks like some old or dying part of the tree which can be removed. Allow any words or sadness to come and go, simply follow any sensations or emotions with full awareness, allowing yourself to remain stable and not judging anything that comes up.
  4. See that as the old is allowed to pass away, something new may arise and be invited to unfold like the delicate flowers of spring. You may want to imagine this new experience, or to imagine the new you.

You might:

  • Want a blanket or low pillow under your head

  • Like a pillow or bolster under your pelvis (experiment with what feels best for you).

  • Like an eye pillow to cover your eyes.

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