Ashtanga Self Practice Assistant

We need reliable Ashtangis to assist our self-practice classes. You will gain valuable experience and insight into teaching self-practice classes and get some classes at BCY in exchange for your time.

This role will vary depending on your level of Ashtanga and teaching experience. If you are newer to teaching then you will either take practice (for free) or observing the class. There will be the opportunity to be guided by the teacher in giving some adjustments . If you are more experienced then there will be the opportunity to assist the students alongside the teacher. This will change over time and will be adjusted according to your confidence and experience.
You learn from our very experienced Ashtanga teacher – Eleanor Coates. Observe and learn how to teach ashtanga and self-practice classes, how to adjust students, how to navigate teacher student relationships, and more!

Days and Times
Thursdays are currently available, but if you are interested and can’t do Thursdays please still get in touch.

06.50 – open the space ready for students to arrive

07.00 – 07.15 – observe/assist

07.15 – 08.45 – teacher present – practice / assist

08.45 – 09.00 – observe/assist

In Exchange
Whilst you’re an assistant, you will be able to access all early morning self-practice classes for free, and all other Ashtanga classes for £1 (up to 60min) or £1.20 (75min+), but these sessions cannot be booked in advance.

Role Includes

  • Opening up the studio at 06.50 – ready for students arriving at 07.00
  • During the open practice times:
    • Opening the door for students and welcoming them as they arrive for class.
      Ensuring that students arriving are using their own mat (or a mat towel over a BCY mat)
    • Signing in students on the iPad – this is a simple system; any payments are dealt with by the receptionist (arriving at 08.15) after class.
    • Observing the students, making sure that no one is doing anything which could cause them injury
    • Holding the space for students, answering questions and giving advice as needed
    • Offer beginners advice on sun salutations – you will be given guidance and some training from the teacher for this as required.
    • Adjustments are to be offered only if a student is doing something which may cause them harm or injury (unless otherwise agreed with the teacher)
    • Without prior agreement from the teacher we ask that you do not adjust students in a way which takes them deeper into a pose. Additionally we ask that you do not move students on to the next pose in the sequence.
    • During the ‘taught’ time, for the less experienced teacher/practitioner you will join the class and do your own practice, finishing in time for the open practice section at the end of the session. If you are more experienced then you may be given opportunities to assist the teacher during the taught part of the class.


  • You must be a qualified yoga teacher, at least 200h trained and certified.
  • You must hold a valid first aid certificate.
  • You must hold valid yoga teaching insurance.
  • You must have an existing, regular ashtanga practice.
  • You must be able to offer an ongoing regular commitment, both to assisting and to your own practice.

Our Expectations

  • For you to practice with the teacher you are assisting, and to check in with them regularly.
    • We need to make sure that any advice or adjustments you are giving during the open practice sections align as much as possible with the teacher of the class. If there is anything you are unsure of, please clarify with the teacher.
  • We need a steady and reliable commitment from you.
  • We need you to be responsible for opening the studio, for the students and the security of the building until the teacher arrives.
  • With advance notice the studio will arrange cover on any days you can’t make, and for last minute cover (ie. if you wake up and can’t get to the studio) then you will need to call the studio manager/teacher as soon as possible – we will give you a set procedure for this.

How to apply

If you are interested in this role then please:
1. Email us – – detailing your training and teaching experience.
2. Attend some Self Practice classes with Eleanor at BCY so that you can meet her (if you haven’t already).