Holistic Treatments

We offer a range of fantastic holistic treatments in Stokes Croft, Bristol

We offer a range of fantastic holistic treatments in Stokes Croft, Bristol. Our therapy room is tucked away behind the studio, with a group of dedicated and talented therapists providing a variety of different treatments.

All of our therapists meet a high standard of accreditation and have a number of years of experience which make them specialists in their field. We have met all of our therapists to ensure that we recommend the highest quality practitioners to our students and wider Bristol community.

From reflexology, psychotherapy, mind-body trance therapy, deep tissue massage or any of our other therapeutic treatments you can rely on Bristol City Yoga for relieving your stress and tension.

Our Therapies

Balinese Massage
Bengali Massage & Hanna Somatics
Deep Tissue Massage
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
Holistic Massage
Mind-Body Trance Therapy
Rolfing® Structural Integration
Thai Yoga Massage and Somatics

Please arrange treatments directly through the therapist.

If you are a therapist interested in using our therapy room  find out more here



Roland Lewis

After twelve years studying and practising Kung Fu, Roland became fascinated by the internal side of the martial art and thus started to undertake practices of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  In using breath control and movement to influence the flow of Qi throughout the body, he noticed a huge improvement in his own health and well-being. He was astounded by the change, and that fascination led him to a career in acupuncture.

Having trained for four years at the internationally renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, affiliated with Kingston University, he qualified with a BSc (Hons) degree and a Licentiate of Acupuncture (LicAc) and is now a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).

Roland’s integrated acupuncture style of Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treats the root energetic imbalance that is influencing mental, physical and spiritual well-being, whilst also being able to treat the presenting symptom(s). Such an approach allows treatment to focus on mind, body and spirit, and to centre in on the individual, not just the illness.

Acupuncture can help with a wide range of conditions, from general feelings of low energy and poor health, to specific conditions such as Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Stress, IBS, PMS, Menopausal Syndrome, among others.

Roland 07976 706 656 [email protected]


Paloma Sparrow

Paloma practices traditional acupuncture and holistic massage. Generally these are given as separate treatments, though massage may sometimes be included as part of an acupuncture treatment. Traditional acupuncture and holistic massage have been used for over two thousand years to support and improve health and well-being and to address specific health problems.

Both work with the functioning of the body to restore balance on mental and physical levels.

Paloma has been practising for over fifteen years and has experience of treating a wide variety of problems; particularly of supporting health and treating problems in pregnancy ­ with either or both therapies.

She has a BSc Hons degree in acupuncture from the University of Westminster and is a member of the Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and of the Massage Training Institute.

Dove Therapies 07528 374 002 [email protected]

Bengali Massage & Hanna Somatics


Cat Balaam

Cat trained as a massage therapist in 2003 and travelled to India seeking a true master of therapeutic massage. She was incredibly lucky to have her hopes fulfilled and exceeded; learning the amazing and magical technique that she now calls Bengali massage. She has worked full-time offering this treatment since 2006. This is a dynamic full body treatment that gently releases and dissipates the tension and holding habits of the muscles, often caused by underlying emotional, mental or physical issues.

Bengali massage encourages the body’s own healing process with long sweeping strokes over the whole body, stretching and subtle vibrational movements, exploring the range of motion of each joint throughout the skeleton from fingers to vertebrae. This unique experience helps to reawaken the body and restore the mind-body connection.

Catherine also offers Clinical Hanna Somatics sessions – a clothed treatment in which she teaches gentle and specific, mindful movements to bring awareness back into the body. This re-educates and releases the chronic holding habits of the muscles that create tension and pain. This is a powerful and empowering process giving us back the ability to help ourselves find ease and comfort in daily life.

Somatic Being 07886011422 [email protected]

Deep Tissue Massage


Katerina Dvorakova

Kat is a qualified massage therapist offering Holistic and Deep Tissue massage since 1997. Holistic massage draws on a number of techniques from many traditions including Swedish Massage, combining them with the massage therapist’s sensitivity, to meet the needs of each individual as a whole.

This means whether you are looking for a deep relaxation, relief from pain or to be left feeling revitalised and renewed this massage is for you.

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints). Every massage that Kat gives is uniquely tailored to suit your needs.

Working with you and your body she uses a variety of methods including deep tissue work, stretching, mobilising and holding to offer your body deep relaxation, rejuvenation and the opportunity to ease tense muscles, relieve stress and anxiety, and to improve flexibility. Ultimately this will help you to move and use your body more effectively, and to feel more connected with yourself.

Open to Yoga 07762 184 233 [email protected]

Holistic Massage


Shanti Scott

Shanti is a very passionate and dedicated therapist, inventive and cheerfully determined to work out the mysteries of each individual's muscular make up. She has a natural gift of reading people's bodies, and helps to manage and ameliorate various different aches and tensions. She brings an innate kindness and open sense of humour to her treatments, ensuring that her clients feel incredibly at ease and able to relax. Sessions begin with a brief conversation, so that she can get to know and better understand your needs.

Shanti is very perceptive and empathetic before, during, and after treatments - making people comfortable so that you can work together to ease out any ailments - be it muscular, emotional, or other.

She trained at Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, where she gained a Level 4 MTI Diploma in Holistic Massage with Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

This is regarded as the gold standard for holistic massage training in the UK.

Shanti Scott 07976 709 830 [email protected]


Sophie Noonan

Sophie qualified as a Holistic Massage Therapist in 2013 with BCMB.

Sophie's approach to massage stems from a holistic idea of working with the client to aid and relieve tension, be it physical or emotional. Whilst everyone's needs are different, she focuses on specific areas of the body whilst bringing elements of the whole into the massage.

She enjoys working on a 50:50 basis, meeting the client in the middle to work with them.

Coming from a yogic background (teaching since 2010) she feels her understanding of the mind, body and breath work combines to bring a strong quality of the 'whole' body into each session. She works on the idea of releasing tension through tissue work, relaxing and aligning.

Relax and Align 07855 700772 [email protected]


Cara Peters

Cara is a Bristol based massage and bodywork therapist. 

She specialises in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage and Balinese Massage. She has worked as a retreat therapist, runs couples workshops and offers one-to-one coaching and massage for people wanting to explore body image. 

After completing her Hawaiian Massage Practitioner training at the UK training centre, 2014. She went on to study Balinese Massage at the Rahaysan Nyaman Institute of Healing Arts, Ubud, Bali. 

"I love to give treatments that leave the client feeling more connected to their body and experiencing a greater sense of wellbeing, relaxation and peacefulness".

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage is deeply nourishing and relaxing. Given using both the hands and forearms, long flowing strokes wash over the body often described as the feeling of gentle waves on the skin. Following a treatment clients describe a feeling of openness, peace and wellbeing.

Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage is a fusion of massage styles incorporating stretching, pressure point release and deep tissue massage. It's benefits can include relief on strained muscles, detoxification of the body & nourished and softened skin.

Inner Alchemy - Transformational Hypnotherapy Trance Work


Jessica Wallace

Jessica is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and the founder of Inner Alchemy, a therapeutic approach based on interactive Hypnosis Trance Work and Deep Imagery Work. Jess combines these techniques with EFT Tapping, an energy psychology technique which helps these shifts take place both in mind and body.

Are you struggling with issues such as these?

- Anxiety, stress
- Trauma, PTSD
- Fears and phobias
- Feelings of unworthiness
- Relationship challenges
- Chronic pain and other chronic physical issues

Such challenges often indicate blocks at the subconscious level.

The Inner Alchemy approach combines the most effective techniques to access subconscious level blocks, and the resources to overcome these, which lie dormant within you.

Jess invites and follows your subconscious mind's input through dialogue while in a hypnosis-based inner journey.

She guides you to access the root causes of your symptoms through using the language of the subconscious mind: working with your emotional inner imagery, the memories and narratives coming from past hurts

She helps you to release distorted beliefs, hurts or trauma and heal these profoundly, bringing love and care and freeing you from the challenging patterns they created.

Through this work you activate the wealth of inner strength, self-love and freedom available to you in your deeper Self, and create beautiful changes in your life.

“ You are the one who finally freed me from the multiple phobias and anxiety I had been struggling with for 8 years in spite of various other therapies. You gave me my life back”. M.N

“I experienced rapid transformation following each session. Issues that I’d had significant lifelong struggles with were lightening in my experience of them. I was finally resolving trauma and emotional development that had been hindered in childhood.” K.C

“I think you have magical powers. I found you very supportive, validating and intuitive, (and) the method beautiful, profound, and powerful. It is one of the most effective healing therapies I have tried, with the fastest observable results.” E.T

Jessica Wallace 07422 636 225 [email protected]



Mel Skinner

Mel has been practicing reflexology for almost ten years, having trained with nurse and reflexologist Jane Holt at the South Devon School of Reflexology in 2008.

Reflexology is a form of Chinese medicine, based on similar theory as acupuncture. By kneading, massaging and soothing specific points in the feet, we are able to work the entire body, bringing about a state of homeostatis (balance).

Reflexology has been shown to assist with fertility problems, menstrual difficulties, insomnia, as well as promoting a deep sense of relaxation. A non-invasive treatment, this is suitable for anyone nervous about a full body massage, but wanting to feel a complete letting go of worry, stress and tension throughout body and mind. Mel uses organic oils and creams in her treatments.

Prices start from £50 for a 60 minute session. Mel can offer a discount for block booking, and if you are on a low income do contact Mel as she may be able to offer you an adjusted rate. If you are looking to work for a specific issue, i.e. menstrual difficulties, a block booking of 6 - 8 sessions is recommended.

"Reflexology exceeded my expectations. Once I understood more about how it worked I could see how it might possibly help me. It made a real difference to my life . . . Mel is a great therapist.” Michelle

Mel Skinner 07786 787593 [email protected]

Rolfing® Structural Integration

Bristol-City-Yoga-therapy-Fiona-Rolfing (1)

Fiona Millward

Gravity is the one constant that we are all navigating. If we are adaptable and stable (therefore balanced) in relation to this force we feel open, energised, resilient. This ability to continually respond to gravity in order to stay upright, alongside the way we habitually move, is what shapes our body to give us the posture that we move through life with.

Rolfing® Structural Integration works to bring balance to the body in order for it to more efficiently negotiate this downward force of gravity through a method of tissue, movement, and perceptual education that works directly with the body’s connective tissue network.

The touch within a Rolfing session is precise and perceptive, ranging from light ‘listening’ through to a deeper manipulation to create more space and facilitate flow throughout the structure. Alongside this, the work helps extend the perceptual understanding and embodiment of new experiences as the journey progresses. This enables us to orient within different contexts, bringing a clear sense of support from the ground with the ability to freely express ourselves. Rolfing can be beneficial for anyone looking to improve posture, flexibility, stamina or strength and find a greater spectrum of movement and ease. It can be particularly beneficial for chronic issues.

Having worked as a dancer, teacher and choreographer since 1985 Fiona continues to be inspired by the mediums of movement and touch, believing they offer an invigorating and intrinsic understanding of the world around us, as well as the world within. Her particular fascination with how each individual discovers greater physical freedom and expression has always underscored her work, leading her to explore and experience a range of approaches. Alongside my work as a dance artist, I qualified as a therapeutic massage practitioner in 1993, Franklin Method® Educator in 2003, and studied and taught with Polestar Pilates and Dinah Siman at Contemporary Pilates 2002-2006. These explorations led her to Rolfing® Structural Integration, where the process of embodiment and reflection resonated deeply with her ongoing work. She values the form and is excited by how it continues to develop and extend our understanding of human movement potential.

Fiona Millward  07824 397313 [email protected]