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Exploring Lotus Pose

At BCY, Stokes Croft, from 09 Dec

BCY, Stokes Croft
09 Dec

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A safe, accessible approach to lotus pose

Whether you’re an ashtangi, hatha or vinyasa yogi or have a seated meditation practice – at some point you will come across the lotus pose (padmasana). This pose is very strong and should be treated with the utmost respect, care and delicacy – just like the flower itself.

This workshop will slowly and safely explore what is required to take a safe lotus position, as it’s not just¬† about the hips.

Over the course of the workshop we may be able to identify areas in the physical body that may be preventing you from entering the pose at this stage on your journey. For those who are not quite ready to explore full lotus, then hints, tips and “homework” poses will be given to help find a comfy seated position whether for asana or meditation.

Variations of lotus will be given, so even if full lotus never comes in this lifetime, we can still reap the benefits of similar poses to help strengthen and open the body and mind in equal measures.

Once we’ve recognised all our strengths, weakness and options we’ll begin to take a short journey with a flowing practice to see the myriad of poses and possibilities lotus pose can present to us – whether its upside down, in twists or even being uprooted and taking flight!

This workshop is great for those wishing to explore deeper, more challenging poses and should come with at least 6 months of practice behind them.

This workshop is NOT suitable for beginners.