Yoga Asana Masterclasses

Deepen Your Awareness, Deepen Your Pose

This event has expired and is no longer available

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Explore specific poses, techniques and practices in depth at our Thursday evening masterclasses.

These classes will give you the opportunity to learn from some of our most experienced teachers and to practice key techniques which will help you to deepen your practice.

Yoga Asana Masterclasses

In this masterclass series you will explore some more challenging asana (poses) in a safe and stable way with an experienced teacher.

Learn what needs to release, what needs to strengthen and where you need to work to take your practice deeper.

There will be variations and practices to suit all bodies and levels of experience.

These classes are not suitable for complete beginners, but are suitable for those with a regular yoga practice.  If you are unsure, contact us.

All sessions are Thursdays 17.45 – 19.15

Dates and Poses

Padmasana (Lotus Pose) – Thursday 3rd May

A sensitive and delicious release of the hips leading into a play with Lotus pose (Padmasana).  Book Now

Hanumanasana (Splits Pose) – Thursday 24th May

Explore release of the deep muscles related to Hanumanasana (splits) and how to align and work with this pose.  Book Now

Backbends including Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose) – Thursday 14 June

Release the upper back and stabilise the lower back whilst working to deepen your backbends.  Book Now

Handstand and Headstand – Thursday 12 July

Key alignment and stability techniques to get you happy and confident upside down.  Book Now

Pranayama (Breath Work) – Thursday 6 September

Experience the expansiveness of your body and your breath through movement and pranayama practice.  Book Now

Shoulder Stand – Thursday 4th October

Learn how to fully prepare for this challenging pose, and explore different shoulder stand variations and techniques.  Book Now

Tittibhasana (Firefly or Insect Pose) and Bhujapidasana (Shoulder Press Pose) – Thursday 8 November

Deep release of hips and hamstrings so that we can play with the “insect” poses and arm balances.  Book Now

Natarajasana (Dancer Pose) – Thursday 3rd January

Work with stability and balance whilst opening the front of the body, finding ease in this challenging pose. There will be variations to suit all bodies.  Book Now.


How to Book

Use the links above to book your masterclasses.

These sessions are priced in the same way as a 90minute class.

Please note these classes are not available through Move GB.