A monthly gathering for women, with gentle restorative practice, yoga nidra and womb yoga.

Create space in your life for renewal and connection, and join us in circle to experience the power and freedom that comes from learning to love, respect and honour your whole being.

Experience the nourishing side of yoga as we combine womb yoga with restorative yoga and yoga nidra, all practices which are designed to reduce stress, deepen awareness, and encourage the body’s own capacity for healing.

It is by reconnecting with our ‘inner teacher’ that we grow in confidence, and are able to see more clearly what our needs are moment to moment. Although the practices are gentle, they hold great power as we learn to approach ourselves with tenderness and love – and what could be more needed in the world right now?

We will also be supported by tasty and nourishing snacks to keep us going until dinnertime!

All who identify as female are welcome in this safe space, where we practice what it is to listen and be heard with acceptance and tolerance.

There will be some time for tea and a chat after the session if you would like to stay.