Restorative Afternoon

Supporting Anxiety

Explore the calmer and quieter side of yoga, and experience a Sunday afternoon of deep relaxation, rest, and renewal.

This month’s Restorative Afternoon explores the possibility of yoga supporting the symptom of anxiety. Whilst certainly not a ‘cure’ for anxiety, Mel aims to create an environment where you can begin to slow down, and let go of unnecessary physical tension.

Mel has found yoga to be a valuable tool in supporting her own sense of internal balance and health, and earlier this year she participated in a Trauma Sensitive Yoga foundation workshop and undertook a Basic Mental Health Techniques for Yoga Teachers teaching day, to better equip herself in preparing for, being aware of, and becoming more sensitive to the needs of the increasing amount of people seeking out yoga as a way of improving their symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The feelings of anxiety are common ones, and according to mental health charity MIND, 1 in 6 people in England report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week. Anxiety can be triggered by any sort of pressure, be it related to work, relationships, or money, and we may find it hard to make decisions, feel increasingly irritable, and even become depressed. Our fear about everything that could happen leaves us feeling exhausted, and we lose sight of all the positive and wonderful things about our lives and world.

This workshop will combine soothing restorative yoga postures with deeply restful yoga nidra, and more active yet still gentle stretches and movements to often the body and stabilise the life-force, known as prana. These movements will include gently stretching the spine, opening the chest, and opening the back of the legs and hips. The restorative yoga sequence will focus primarily on forward folds, designed to quieten the mind and bring more space into the back of the body, thus reducing stress and tension.