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Stress is both a physiological and psychological condition that can, when experienced over a sustained period of time, begin to affect our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Chronic stress can weaken our immune system, causing anxiety, insomnia, hormonal problems and digestive issues, as well as a general feeling of ‘un-wellness’.

Restorative yoga helps us to reduce stress by taking the brain out of the stress state known as ‘fight or flight’ and into the more relaxing state of ‘rest and digest’. By using yoga equipment such as belts, bolsters, blankets and eye pillows we will reduce the need for muscular effort and instead invite in a muscular softening and deeper fuller breath. It is this release of tension and increase of breath that helps to activate the ‘rest and digest’ state, leaving us feeling more calm and steady.

Mel will guide you through a sequence of restorative yoga postures designed to move the spine in all directions, with minimal muscular effort. By releasing tension places like the diaphragm, pelvic floor, jaw and shoulders we create space in the body for the breath, which brings a state of relaxation to the nervous system, and leaves us feeling grounded, centred well. Yoga nidra is a form of guided meditation and deep relaxation, and can relax both body and mind.

When practiced regularly, these practices can help heal the effects of chronic stress. Please note that it is not unusual to have an emotion reaction to yoga, so please be aware of this before attending the workshop. You are welcome to contact Mel before the workshop to discuss if it’s right for you.