Restorative Afternoon


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Anxiety is on the rise. According to mental health charity MIND, 1 in 6 people in England report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week. Anxiety can be triggered by any sort of pressure, be it related to work, relationships, or money, and we may find it hard to make decisions, feel increasingly irritable, and even become depressed. Our fear about everything that could happen leaves us feeling exhausted, and we lose sight of all the positive and wonderful things about our lives and world.

In this workshop we will explore re-connection: first to the body, then to the breath, and then to the space of the heart. Restorative yoga postures calm down the mind and release muscle tension which in turn helps us to feel safe and secure. We will also experience the simple pranayama practice known as vri sama vritti to reset the nervous system back to a more calm and restful state of being.

The practice of yoga nidra is deeply healing, restful, and peaceful. By incorporating metta bhavana meditation, known also as loving kindness meditation, we consciously work to bring a greater feeling of compassion into our hearts. Over time, our anxiety lessens, as we realise that we are never truly alone. This is inner strength, inner resilience, and Mel offers you these practices in a way that is accessible to all beings.