Restorative Afternoon


This event has expired and is no longer available

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It is in the heart that our courage lies, where our joy can be found, and where our full, and astonishing, capacity of love and compassion can be released. It is also the heart space that bears the wounds of our emotional experiences. Once hurt, the heart space can close down, shutting us off from those around us, and can be difficult to open again.

Restorative yoga offers us the chance to begin to open our bodies and our hearts to the idea that we are safe and able to receive love in its truest form, that which is eternal and real. We start the workshop by taking restorative yoga postures, designed to release muscular tension and activate our feelings of safety and security. We use yoga equipment to help us find the easiest way into comfortable postures, and then rest in these postures from 5 – 15 minutes.

We will explore specific postures that open the chest, also known as anahata chakra, the energetic centre which allows us to both give our and receive love. When the body is stable and there is space for the breath, it becomes easier to allow the space, the air element, to open. Like air, love is always all around us; it’s just that sometimes we forget how to feel it.

We will close the workshop with a heart-centred yoga nidra practice and delicious healthy raw chocolate truffles with rose and crampbark, leaving you feeling nourished, relaxed and peaceful.