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Taking inspiration from some of the founding texts of yoga and contemporary wisdom on Buddhism and mindfulness, these workshops will enliven your practice.

Experience yoga in greater depth and richness, through the awareness and felt experience of what it is to be more whole and more yoga, as well as doing the practices of yoga. Each workshop combines asana, pranayama and meditation in a philosophical framework. The workshops are suitable to all levels except complete beginners, with the asana work adapted to suit those present.

Workshops in this Series

Fridays 09.45 – 12.45

Yoga of Equanimity – 29th September

Yoga of Stability – 13th October

Yoga of Wisdom and Compassion – 24th November

Yoga of Surrender – 8th December

(use the links to find out more about each workshop)

You are welcome to come to individual workshops or book the whole series.