A monthly class for mums, dads and your little rascals!

A fun, engaging and creative class for toddlers and their adults, mums, dads, carers, aunties, uncles, grannies – all are welcome.

Parent and toddler yoga gives you the space to relax and enjoy the practice alongside your little one. Providing an opportunity to bond with each other, connect to the body and breathe whilst having some fun.

We’ll explore yoga poses to develop strength, balance, and coordination and discover yoga playfully through stories, games and songs. We’ll also learn how the breath can be used to calm ourselves. Yoga can help toddlers (and everyone!) to relax and sleep better so come along and find ways to calm and settle together. Every class closes with a mini savasana (relaxation), a time for you and your little one to snuggle under a blanket together and await a special visit from the magical yoga butterfly!

A certain amount of chaos is expected! The class will have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so don’t worry if your toddler is feeling grumpy, tired, wants to run around or do their own thing, we will go with the flow, I welcome their creative input, they can show the rest of the group how to do their own version of tree-pose! I also understand that some toddlers will engage in the class and some won’t, we are all still gaining from the experience: moving, stretching, breathing, smiling and being together!

If you’re running late don’t worry, we know how tricky it is to be on time with little ones… come in your own time and join in.  There is plenty of space for buggies to be left downstairs.

This class is suitable for all levels of yoga experience.

Stay on afterwards for a chat and a cup of tea and toddler-friendly biscuit!

These classes are suitable for children aged approximately between 2 – 4 years, but feel free to come along if your little one is a little bit younger to try the class out.

Pregnant mums with toddlers are welcome after 13 weeks of pregnancy, you will be given modifications and alternatives to support you in the class.

Please bring your own baby blanket to help protect our equipment, also bring your favourite toy or soother if you want to.

There will be some time at the end for tea and a chat.