Explore a softer sequence that compliments the Ashtanga Primary Series in this monthly led class.

Eleanor will guide you through the Moon Sequence as created by Matthew Sweeney in this led class.  She is one of the few teachers in the UK who is authorised to teach the Moon Sequence.

This sequence has been designed to be practiced in Ashtanga Self Practice classes or at home.  It is useful for times when you have low energy, or when you feel that the primary series is not the best thing for your body and mind.

By using different sequences to be used alongside the Ashtanga Primary series, we allow a softer approach to Ashtanga practice, which encourages you to connect with your emotional and physical cycles and can help you through times of low energy or injury.

Immerse yourself into a flow of self-exploration through the body, mind and breath.  This flowing sequence is grounding and focuses on creating a sense of stability and softness.

With a focus on hip openers and back-bends, the Moon sequence encourages the front body to open and aims to create more space and stability in the hip joints, lower back and legs.

The Moon Sequence is suitable for those who have experience of Ashtanga Yoga or who have an existing Hatha or Vinyasa practice. If you’re not sure if this is suitable for you please contact us.

You will be led through the full moon sequence, with modifications and alternatives to suit your body.