Devotional Chanting

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Kirtan is part of the path of Bhakti (Devotional) Yoga. The repetition of meditative and ecstatic Sanskrit chants is a powerful and deeply transformative practice, quieting the mind, opening the heart and taking us deeper into Silence.

By repeating simple mantras Kirtan (chanting) is an effortless and very joyful way to experience some freedom from the endless chatter of the mind, revealing a graceful state of being and inner peace.

The moment we begin to chant there is a feeling of letting go, a deepening of the breath and a sense of coming home. We can let go of the doership and simply be in the present. While focusing on these repetitive sounds our thoughts begin to recede. When the chants end, we can bathe in the silence that remains. Feelings of fear, anger and separation are gently transformed into feelings of love, compassion and Oneness.

Kirtan is for everyone. No prior experience of chanting is necessary to gain the many benefits it has to offer, simply an openness to what may occur. Whether you wish to quiet your mind, awaken your heart, de-stress or simply enjoy singing with others kirtan is for you!


“Tim sings his devotional chants straight from the heart. His voice has a rare quality of authenticity. With him it’s all about the soul, but his music is great too, lyrical, uplifting and inspiring.” – Ranchor Prime, Author & Publisher

Please bring a water bottle!

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