Mindfulness and Positivity Course

Meditation and Enquiry

This event has expired and is no longer available

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If you suffer from stress, anxiety, mood swings or if you just want to learn how to feel happier and more content then Mindfulness is for you.

“Mark’s techniques helped me reset completely after a hugely stressful time and I will be forever grateful.”

This six week course includes the key aspects of Mindfulness: meditation and enquiry.

These techniques are very simple yet have profound impacts on our lives when we start to put them into action. In each class we will start by practicing simple meditation techniques that help us to step out of our thinking minds and back into the present moment. A regular practice of Mindfulness meditation, even only 10 minutes a day, increases our feelings of happiness and contentment throughout our day and reduces our negative reactions to ‘stressful’ events.

After meditating we will explore the types of thoughts that cause us to feel stress and learn to use enquiry to turn negative, painful thinking into positive patterns that enhance our daily lives and leave us feeling relaxed and enthusiastic.

“Very practical tips instead of spiritual ‘guidance’.”

Each 90 minute session will focus on a different aspect of Mindfulness and will include discussion and feedback about your own experiences. You will be fully supported to develop a practice that works for you.

Week 1: Being mindful of our breath. Enquiry into the causes of stress.
Week 2: Deeper breath awareness. From frustration to peace.
Week 3: Body awareness. Letting go of worry and anxiety.
Week 4: Deeper body awareness. Letting go of guilt and regret.
Week 5: Mindfulness on the go. Understanding addictive patterns.
Week 6: Positive Meditation. Managing self-judgements

“The free-flowing form of the course works well, as does Mark’s style of delivery. I now have clarity on the triggers of my stress and negativity and techniques for mitigating and managing them.”

“This course delivered more benefits to me than anything else I have ever done in self-care for my wellbeing”  Steve
“I think this course has changed my life. I feel generally more empowered now and I have greater tools to let go.” David
“Mark was great at making the course relevant to everyone. I would totally recommend it. It is a small investment but the return is priceless!” Sarah