Ashtanga classes can feel fast-paced and intimidating for some, so knowing where to put your feet and which pose is coming next can help you become confident.

Learn the sequence of postures, variations, breathing techniques and alignment principles of the first part of the Ashtanga primary series so you can feel confident in class, build strength and avoid injury.  Safe alignment and correct technique are important in this fast-moving sequence, so learning the basics can allow you to refine your movements and develop your practice, creating more ease in the body and calm in the mind.

Explore which modifications or alternatives suit your body in these opening poses, including Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B, and the vinyasa sequence.  These sequences are repeated many times during an Ashtanga class so it’s important to use the versions of the postures which work best for you.  Understand how to use props or modifications to make the standing and seated poses accessible and beneficial for your body.

Learn how to breathe as you move through the sequence – breathing fully and deeply activates the calming parts of our nervous system and can help reduce anxiety, stress and can promote feelings of contentment and stability.  Start to experience the more subtle benefits of this strong practice as you link your body and your breath.

Gain insight into the Vinyasa system (moving with the breath) and how you can transition safely through this often repeated fast-flowing sequence – “the Vinyasa”.  Learn which variations of the postures to use to build strength and avoid injury.

Get advice on how to start practicing at home.  You will receive a handout to consolidate what you have learned and so you can see the sequence of the postures.  If you’re considering coming to Ashtanga Self Practice classes, this workshop will give you the confidence to move through the first part of the sequence and get your practice started.

This workshop will be valuable whether you have never done Ashtanga Yoga before, or have been practicing already and want to be sure of the alignment and technique.  It is suitable for those who have never done Ashtanga Yoga before.

Please be aware that this is a strong, physical practice so if you are new to yoga then you could try attending some beginners classes first or our Beginners Yoga Course.  If you have injuries and are unsure if this workshop is right for you – please contact us.

You can find more information on Ashtanga Yoga here.