Chakra Balancing

A day to explore and experience the Chakras

This event has expired and is no longer available

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Your seven energy centres – or chakras – contain the blueprint for your conscious and unconscious beliefs and desires; and therefore determine your decisions and actions.
Using practices that put you more deeply in touch with yourself through the gateways of the chakras, you can begin to redress imbalances in your “subtle body” or Prana (energy) body-mind. You can start to relinquish self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you, and to live a more conscious, full life.

Your Chakras are interconnected, and balance or imbalance in the lower Chakras affects how we experience life & relationships, how our mind works, how we read every day situations.  A good understanding of our own make-up supports us to live a life of more awareness and ease.

We will explore practices from the Yoga tradition in its broadest sense – hatha asana, tantra, chanting, pranayama and meditation – all designed to stimulate the flow of prana where it has become inhibited, and support the stabilisation of prana where the flow of energy cannot be retained and used effectively.

Morning Practice: Enjoying Earthly Delights

We start with the exploration of our foundation: the root chakra and everything that rests upon that foundation. The first four chakras: root, pubis, naval, heart; represent the earthly aspects of human nature. We’ll explore the elements of earth, water and fire and air through movement practices.

You will Explore…
•    Finding stability and ease during times of change
•    How to harness eros (love or desire) and how to enjoy your creativity
•    Activating or subduing your will-power
•    Allowing yourself to be loved, and to love deeply

Afternoon Practice: Opening to Your Inner Wisdom

Having safely grounded ourselves during the morning practice we can dare to venture to the higher realms – to open up the heart space, to express ourselves freely and to trust in our innate wisdom.

Here the more subtle aspects of the ‘self’ are represented by the higher chakras at the throat, third eye and crown, relating to the elements of air, sound, consciousness and connectivity.

We will take a second asana practice to explore more the heart opening aspect of backbends, and explore how inversions rely on the stability through the lower regions whilst stimulating higher chakras.

You will explore..
•    Compassion
•    How to express your truth
•    Trusting your intuition
•    Feeling connected to the universal truth or maha prana

The afternoon will conclude with a guided visualization and relaxation practice bringing together the experiences of the day.

About Laura

This workshop draws on Laura’s many sources of inspiration: a love of the physical asana practice, which she has enjoyed for more than 25 years and her own personal life journey using chakra – work as a healing tool.

She has studied with tantra teachers such as Mukunda Stiles and Chinnamasta Stiles, has a longstanding practice and study of pranayama and tantra – energetic practices.  Laura has also studied trauma release and dream work with Tias Little, and with Anodea Judith – the world’s foremost authority on the Chakra system

Is this the Workshop for You?

The day is suitable for intermediate students (3 years plus of regular practice), seeking to understand what’s going on underneath all the asana practice.

There will be intermediate asana practice, breathwork (which will be explained for beginners to pranayama) and meditation-visualisation practice, accessible to all.

Not all of these practices are recommended for those with mental health difficulties, as they are very powerful. The breath and meditation work can unsettle the vulnerable mind. Please let us know if you would like to come but have any current mental health problems so we can advise you.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Please bring lunch with you on the day – many cafe’s around the studio will be either closed or very busy so we would recommend a packed lunch.  We have cutlery and crockery for you to use.  Tea is provided.