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In this workshop we will explore some exciting arm balances and inversions.
If you are new to putting weight in your hands and going upside down we will break it down, step by step, and look at the foundations for a safe and rewarding practice. Going upside down and placing weight through the hands can be scary at first, but we will support each other through a journey to balance and invert.

We will look at some simple anatomy and practical tips to strengthen your body and your practice. You will be able take this knowledge forward into class and home practice.

Benefits of arm balances:

• Increased shoulder girdle and core strength
• Stimulation of wrist bone density
• Improved alignment and shoulder girdle stability
• Increased embodiment and focus
and some kick-ass confidence!

Some of the poses we will explore:

– bakasana and variations (Bakasana – Crane – straight, Kakasana – Crow – bent)
– loloasana & tolasana (pendulum & scale pose)
– eka pada koundinyasana (flying split)
– eka pada galavasana (flying pigeon)
– astavakrasana (eight angle pose)
– adho mukha vrksasana (handstand)
– pincha mayurasana (elbow stand)
– sirsasana (headstand)

Come explore the world from a new perspective and surprise yourself with some new discoveries.
Some yoga experience needed.

Flow class taught as part of the workshop.