Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes in Bristol provide a strong physical practice which has all the calming effects of a moving meditation

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic practice which coordinates movement with the breath and combines elements of both Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga.

This practice provides a strong physical practice and has all the calming effects of a moving meditation. The postures increase coordination, strength and flexibility, whilst easing tension and creating space in both the mind and body.

We offer Vinyasa Flow classes for all levels of Yoga experience but if you are completely new to Yoga we’d recommend a Beginners level Hatha Yoga class or course where you can learn the basics before moving onto Vinyasa Flow.

Ayurvedic Flow Yoga

A traditional vinyasa flow class with a strong emphasis on yoga poses designed to balance the three doshas (body constitutions) according to Ayurveda.

This class offers a holistic and complimentary practice to any additional yoga or movement classes you might already attend. The class structure in detail includes pranayama and meditation techniques for balancing all doshas and asanas to help reduce excess elements in the digestion, the circulatory system, the nervous system, the mind and the body as a whole. Knowledge of these systems are weaved into the class in an educational and informative way to help you understand and connect with your health and well being. You will leave this class feeling clear, grounded and balanced.

Anusara Inspired Vinyasa Flow

Anusara Yoga is a slow, strong & uplifting form of Vinyasa Flow Yoga focused on opening the heart.

Combining an attention to foundational alignment principles and an uplifting Tantric Philosophy, this practice will leave you feeling grounded and balanced.  Expect to work hard, breathe deep, connect to your essence and shine out.


Check out our class levels to see which is best for you, then take a look at our timetable to find your class.