Hanna Somatics classes in Bristol can help with chronic pain and recurring injuries

Hanna Somatics is a movement orientated practice that reintroduces freedom of movement through slow, mindful exercises which reeducate the brain and release chronic tensions in the body.

It was developed by Thomas Hanna, a neurophysiologist and student of the Feldenkrais method. Hanna understood that when muscles become stressed they contract, potentially causing pain and restriction of movement. This reaction comes from our brain; it is our nervous system in the freeze – a fight or flight response that was once essential for our survival. However, these restrictions can be caused by the stresses and strains of modern life and become sources of chronic pain and tension.

Learning Hanna Somatics could help you with sciatica, scoliosis, back pain and recurring injuries, it can also support and compliment other more demanding physical practices such as Yoga. This is a powerful and empowering process giving us back the ability to help ourselves find ease and comfort in daily life.

These classes are appropriate for all, regardless of age or ability.