Barre Classes in Bristol

Build Strength and Flexibility

Try Barre classes at Bristol City Yoga to compliment your Yoga practice and build strength and flexibility.

Using movements and exercises from traditional ballet, this class will strengthen and tone your body and leave you feeling energized.

Precise yet graceful movements are repeated in a focused and controlled way, working on specific muscle groups throughout the whole body to build strength, flexibility and stability.

Ballet Barre exercises have many physical benefits including:

  • developing long, strong and lean muscles
  • finding grace and ease in your movements
  • improving your posture
  • improving coordination, flexibility, strength and alignment.

Barre will compliment any existing Yoga or movement practice that you have – or aspire to have! (Please note this is not a Yoga class.)

This class is suitable for those who have never done ballet before.
For those who have existing ballet experience there will be opportunities to take your practice further.

Try a lighthearted, fun class with a world-renowned ballet choreographer.

Please bring socks into the class