Your health is really important to us so we wanted to be transparent and reassure you everything we’re doing to maintain be a safe studio while we’re still open, as well as offering some yogic tools for managing illness.

In line with the ever-evolving situation and government advice, we’re transitioning our classes online. When you sign up for a class the usual way, you’ll get a link to 15 minutes before the class so you can make the choice whether you’d like to join us in person or online. 

Whether we’re online or in-person, we’re still a community, a union born from that beautiful Bristolian independent spirit and nurtured by years of yoga practice. 

We’re feeling inspired thinking about the different ways we can support our community, so keep an eye out for information and practices that we’re generating to support everyone’s health and wellbeing. The timetable will be changing a lot in the next few weeks, with class specials and practices focused on supporting mental health and wellbeing.

Practising yoga is not always beneficial when you’re unwell – but rest is. We have put together a ‘get well soon’ pack of yoga postures, meditations and links to yoga nidra recordings here to support your health.

What we’re doing:
– You can rent clean mat towels to lay over your mat for all classes (subject to availability) which cost £2 to cover the cost of our laundry
– Continuing our regular, thorough cleaning of the studios & kit
– Installing more hygienic paper towel dispensers (using recycled paper towels) at the studio both for hand washing and for mat cleaning.

What you can do:
– Rest at home if you think you may be unwell or at risk of passing on any kind of virus or cold.

– Bring your own yoga mat or mat towel with you
– Wash your hands thoroughly before and after class.
– Spray and clean down your mat and other equipment before and after your class using the multipurpose cleaner spray bottles provided (regardless of whether or not you have laid a towel/your own mat over it).
– If you would prefer not to receive hands-on adjustments in class you can let the teacher know.

Wash your hands – yoga edition!