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Fay Trezise

Vinyasa Flow

Originally trained as a dancer Fay has enquired into the moving body most of her life. She trained in Cecheeti Ballet from a young age and later went on to study contemporary dance in her early teens. At 18 years old she spent 4 years training in Choreography, Performance and Dance movement techniques whist working as a Professional Dancer alongside.

Fay offers a wealth of experience in anatomical alignment, movement development and dynamic phrasing. Fay gives her students tailored adjustments, a safe practice and facilities their potential growth in their physical bodies but also off the mat.

Since 2008 Fay has delved deeply in the study of asana and consideration of yogic philosophy and how it can lead to potential healing through movement. Fay believes that we can heal and nourish our bodies and through her shamanic practices she connects to nature and spirit to guide this deep work of unravelling into freedom of the spirit.

Her enquiries allow her classes to evoke deep thought and care around how we use our yoga to inspire us; but also how we can live a more connected existence allowing us the freedom to make choices that better support our lives – thus our spirit.