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Emilia Sus

Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga

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Emilia started her yoga practice 13 years ago trying to study from a very limited collection of yoga literature available at the time in Poland, where she was born. Over the years, she has explored different styles of yoga and her practice has been evolving and becoming more fluid and meditative. Her passion and commitment to different healing and movement practices and creative expression has led her to Vinyasa Flow Yoga and she now continues to study with Shiva Rea immersing deeper and deeper into the Prana Vinyasa system.

Yoga has given me freedom and self-awareness in all aspects of my life. It taught me how to stay in balance and be respectful of my mind and body, and simply be in a flow.

Emilia recently spent over 3 years travelling and extensively studying with Shiva Rea, Chris Gladwell, Sarah Harlow and Ray Long. In her classes she incorporates elements drawn from Krishnamacharya’s teachings, Tantra and Ayurveda. She works with different sequences to strengthen and open the body always being mindful and patient but also looking for a positive challenge. Her classes are strong and energising but also fun and relaxing, and always accommodating different levels of experience. Emilia offers a palette of methods/tools available within Yoga and Ayurveda and teaches people how and when to use them to stay in balance.

Her professional qualifications together with yoga studies, experience and ayurvedic lifestyle have given her a strong commitment to support people in finding well-being and to promote a good, healthy, balanced and relaxed style of living.