Claire Lewis

Vinyasa and Hatha Flow

Claire started practising yoga regularly in 2005 and has been teaching since 2012 when she completed her 200hr teacher training course at Bristol City Yoga. Since then she has continued to study and practice Hatha yoga, Thai yoga massage and meditation both at home and abroad. In December 2016 she will be starting her 500hr teacher training course back at Bristol City Yoga.

Claire has great appreciation for the contrasting, yet complimenting styles that she has explored and continues to practice – from gentle, restorative yoga to a more heating, dynamic style of Vinyasa yoga influenced by the Ashtanga and Jivamukti methods. Her style of teaching is a true reflection of her personal yoga practice – it changes with the seasons and can change pace and intensity depending on what is need to maintain balance and good health in body, mind and soul. Claire believes there really is no separation between the yoga we do on our mat, and our ‘real’ life. Each yoga class she offers aims to close that gap and help you move on your mat and through your daily life with a little more ease and comfort.