Claire Lewis

Vinyasa Flow

Claire has been practicing yoga since her teens and has been teaching since 2012. She has recently completed the 500hr teacher training course here are Bristol City Yoga. Over the years Claire has learnt from some inspiring, experienced yoga teachers, including Tina Pashumati James, Eddie Modestini, Emma Henry, Jeff Phenix and our very own Laura Gilmore.

Claire has a great appreciation for the contrasting, yet complimenting styles that she has explored and continues to practice – from gentle, restorative yoga to a more energetic, vinyasa style. Her classes aim to be well-balanced allowing you time to be still and rest, and time to move and energise, always with a focus on encouraging each student to practice in a way that best suits them. Claire is confident in offering options and adjustments during her classes, making them an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. Having always had a very active lifestyle, involving winter sports and running, Claire knows firsthand what it’s like to be injured, tired and stiff! She appreciates that we don’t always feel great when we come to our yoga mat, but hopes that her classes leave you feeling more content and better connected to your own body and mind.