Cat Balaam

Hanna Somatics

Cat has been studying bodywork and helping people heal since 2003. After qualifying in holistic massage and aromatherapy, she travelled to India where she met her Bengali massage teacher. As well as teaching Cat a unique and beautiful massage technique he introduced her to the book ‘Somatics’ by Thomas Hanna. Cat observed her teacher prescribing simple exercises to his clients to relieve pain and restricted movement with amazing results. She went on to study massage with him and came back to the UK to continue to explore this profoundly holistic work with her own clients and has been practicing bengali massage full time since 2006.

She formally qualified in Hanna Somatics in 2013 and has been teaching this work through groups and 1-1 sessions since then seeing great results from all sorts or physical issues from bad backs to cerebral palsy. She continues to work with a broad spectrum of people including disabled and elderly clients as well as dancers, yoga teachers and athletes.