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Wheels of Life

Part of the Chakra Series At BCY, Stokes Croft, With Laura Gilmore from 30 Jun

BCY, Stokes Croft
With Laura Gilmore
30 Jun

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A series of workshops for those who want to practice being fully present to their potential through the yoga practice.  Laura has designed the workshops based on a chakra journey through the sushumna nadi, which creates a central channel for prana and follows the line of the spine.

Become more intimate with your physical and subtle body, enter each portal of the chakras and access the vast inner landscape whilst remaining grounded in the body through asana.  Each workshop will  gently promote ease in the body alongside some strong asana work to purify the physical and subtle body, providing the framework for a deeper meditation and pranayama practice.

These workshops are suitable for those who are ready for a deeper yoga journey and who already have a good understanding of yoga asana.

Sahasrara – The Seventh Chakra

This workshop refers all the way back to your roots – muladhara chakra – to explore how the prana extends from the roots to the crown.

Enjoy a balanced asana practice (apana and prana vayus) to grow the prana throughout the nadi-system. We will have time to turn all the spinal alignment upside down with a series of inversions. The pranayama practice is specially developed to help you vitalise and balance the energy of each chakra. Finally, we close with a visualised mediation practice to inspire you to continue unfolding your crown lotus, and indeed any of the lotuses along the stem of the sushumna nadi.