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Shakti Yoga

Celebration of Shakti: Time to Shine At BCY, Stokes Croft, With Mel Skinner from 17 Sep

BCY, Stokes Croft
With Mel Skinner
17 Sep

bristolcityyoga Workshop

Yoga is a practice to empower us, to help us create space and freedom in our bodies, breath and mind so that we can live a life of purpose, prosperity, joy and freedom. However, we are often only seeing one side of the yoga ‘story’, practicing yoga in a way which doesn’t recognise or appreciate our nature rhythms at women. This often results in feeling like we are not good enough, a feeling exacerbated by the our collective cultural denial of the feminine body and her cycles.

This workshop will explore how to fully understand and embody the qualities of first half of the menstrual cycle (the time after your bleed as you move towards ovulation) and lunar cycle (moving from new moon to full moon). These qualities can include enhanced enthusiasm and spring-like energy, greater creativity and productivity, more confidence and ease, but also be a time of ‘wobbliness’, a fear of stepping into our power and of being fully ‘seen’.

In this workshop we will:

  • Understand the heritage of shame women carry – starting from the story of Adam and Eve! – and how to overcome these limiting beliefs
  • Learn about the menstrual and lunar cycles behind our biological and artistic creativity and understand how to connect with your own patterns
  • Meet, greet and welcome each woman, and explore how it is to honour and respect each other – not to compete and compare
  • Use practices to awaken our creativity juices and connect to the earth – including moon salutations, opening and supporting the hips and pelvis, awakening the feet and calming the endocrine (hormonal) system
  • Use yoga nidra as a tool to step into our power by connecting to our deep self

This workshop is for all women. You do not have yoga experience, or have a menstrual cycle or a womb to benefit; to be interested in living a fulfilled, creative, empowered life and to connect with the women around you is all that is need!