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Restorative Afternoon

Living Without Fear At BCY, Stokes Croft, With Mel Skinner from 25 June

BCY, Stokes Croft
With Mel Skinner
25 June

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To live in fear is to impose limits on our potential to live to fully, compassionately, and courageously. To allow fear to become our everyday state of being is to allow our body to become exhausted, rigid and sore with the efforts of keeping us in a state of hypervigilance, compromising our sleep, digestion and ability to find pleasure in life. We may find ourselves feeling hopeless, cynical, despairing or simply that nothing is quite enough.

In this workshop we invite in the possibility of living a life that is not controlled by fear. By releasing muscular tension in the body, and encouraging the free movement of the natural breath, we open ourselves up to the possibility of emotional healing and letting go of anything which is no longer serving us. We learn how to feel free and fearless in this moment.

With a focus on releasing the muscles around the pelvis, lower back and hips we support the opening of the hips, which energetically correlates to the sacral chakra. This area is a place where we hold our deep seated emotional beliefs and fears, and is an area we need to treat with kindness and compassion.
Although this work is perceived often as ‘easy’, the patience and willingness to allow the body to be held and supported often brings an openness which can be both subtle and profound.