Shakti yoga classes in Bristol

Shakti Yoga classes in Bristol offer Yoga designed for women’s bodies

Join Mel for Shakti Yoga, a yoga inspired by the teachings of yoga teacher and author of Yoni Shakti, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.  Shakti Yoga fuses together flowing movement, breathwork, yoga nidra and chakra healing practices to support each woman on her personal journey. This is a yoga designed for women’s bodies, and a deep respect for the cyclical nature of being a woman.

Shakti Yoga can support women through menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and menopause, as well as wellbeing a resource for nourishment, creativity and spiritual connection. Although the movements may seem gentle, they are incredibly powerful, as we celebrate the wild, fluid and gloriously chaotic nature of being female!

This class is ‘All Levels’ – suitable for all students, but not recommended for complete beginners. The groups will be mixed ability but our teachers will accommodate you and will offer different options to suit different levels of experience.

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