Ashtanga yoga classes in Bristol

Ashtanga Yoga is an energetic and thorough practice with roots in the Hatha Yoga tradition

Ashtanga Yoga contains a sequence of postures combined with deep, strong breathing. Through evolving postures within a set sequence, Ashtanga Yoga is a fantastic way of increasing flexibility and strength.

Ashtanga Primary Led

This Ashtanga Led class will guide beginners through the “primary series” sequence with modifications for beginners.  You will learn the basic principles of Ashtanga Yoga – alignment, breath and the sequence itself.

Attending both Mysore (see below) and Led Ashtanga classes is a great combination as you will receive individual attention in Mysore style classes which you can take into the Led classes

We offer both Beginners and Improvers – Intermediate Ashtanga Led classes.  Check out our class levels to see which is best for you.

If you have some Yoga experience but have never done this style of Yoga before – then we’d recommend a beginner’s Ashtanga Led class so that you can learn the sequence.

* Please bring a towel/yoga towel/your own mat to these classes to help keep our equipment clean

Ashtanga Mysore

Ashtanga Mysore is the traditional form of Ashtanga Yoga as taught in Mysore, India. In these classes you work through the set sequence at your own pace, with one-to-one advice and adjustments from the teacher and assistant. You can arrive and end your practice at any time during the session.

Arrive and leave at a time that suits you, ideally leaving yourself 60min for your practice.

If you are new to Ashtanga Yoga then we recommend attending a Beginners Ashtanga Led class before coming to Mysore. If this is not possible then please arrive at 7.30am for the 7.00 – 9.00am classes.

These Mysore classes are for all levels of experience,  but are not recommended for complete beginners. We would recommend attending a beginners Hatha Yoga class or course a few times before trying Ashtanga.  The groups will be mixed ability but our teachers will accommodate you and will offer different options to suit different levels of experience.

*Please bring a towel/yoga towel/your own mat to this class to help keep our equipment clean

Moon Days

Please note this class does not run on full and new moons (‘Moon Days’) – you can pick up a list of these dates in studio, see the list below or check our timetable. Our Ashtanga Led classes will run on Moon Days.
Traditionally Moon Days give the Ashtanga practitioner a time to rest and reflect, learn more about Moon Days here.

Moon Days in 2016

Ashtanga Mysore will not run on these mornings

• Monday 14th November
• Tuesday 29th November
• Wednesday 14th December
• Thursday 29th December

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