Mum & Baby

Mum and Baby Yoga

Mum and Baby Yoga is a chance for mum and baby to enjoy the benefits of Yoga together. Mums benefit from postures and relaxation that help with postnatal recovery, whilst bringing a sense of calm to you and your little one. Working with the body and mind simultaneously to support you in your post-natal recuperation.

Your baby’s development is supported by Yoga, songs and movement which helps to relieve common ailments such as colic, wind and constipation. Baby Yoga also develops muscle tone, co-ordination, mind and body development and promotes deep sleep. Classes are taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with the understanding that sometimes babies just need to cry, feed, cuddle or sleep whilst others prefer lots of physical stimulation and movement. Find out why our BCY Mums love the Mum and Baby Yoga.

“I really enjoy being able to do something for myself- the yoga has really helped ease out my shoulders and back, to regain tone and strength and also just to help me feel more relaxed and confident with my son. Sammy loves the sessions, after our first week he had the most amazing long sleep – heaven!”

The yoga is suitable for beginners as well as those with more experience, and is a safe and appropriate form of exercise for the postnatal period.

Our teachers Gladey and Laura are highly experienced and adept at helping women recuperate physically and mentally after birth.

If you are interested in coming along to an upcoming Mum and Baby Yoga session then we encourage you to book in advance through our online booking system.

We offer your first 2 classes for £15, and if you enjoy the classes you can buy any of our class passes or memberships, or drop-in on the day.

Please note these classes do not run during school holidays – check our timetable

Post Natal Yoga Testimonials

Our Mum and Baby Yoga classes are popular with local Mums, here are a few testimonials from our wonderful yoga Mums:

“The yoga is a complete lifeline, supporting me through the more challenging moments and keeping me sane!”

– Rachel mother to Joshua aged 10 months

“Both I and my tiny 6 week old son had become stressed- he wasn’t sleeping well either in the day or in the night and I felt desperate. During our first class Laura showed me some methods to hold him and by focusing on relaxing myself through breathing and gentle movement the whole vicious cycle shifted. By the end of class he was fast asleep and both I and my son were transformed!”

– Stephanie and Otto

“It was the most useful thing I did to prepare for labour and the “golden thread breath” really carried me through the birth”

– Sarah

“The classes, and you, have been fantastic for us. Steering us through tiredness and adversity with warmth and humour. Thank you!”


Mum and Baby FAQs

Whenever you feel ready. This doesn’t involve having the ‘perfect’ baby that isn’t going to cry. We provide a space where you can feel supported rather than judged.

In general these classes are suitable for babies from 4 weeks through to walking or around 1 year old. We accommodate the different needs of each baby with practices to support their development and well-being.

We have all the yoga equipment you need at the studio.
For mum and baby yoga – please bring a blanket for your baby to lie on.
Yes, you get your first 2 classes for £15 for both Pregnancy and Mum and if you enjoy the classes you can buy one of our class passes or memberships which are valid for all classes at BCY (including Pregnancy and Mum and Baby Yoga).
We recommend booking in advance if possible, but don’t worry if you can’t.  If you have booked a class and can no longer make it just let us know and we will return the credit to your account.  Or you can ‘Early cancel’ through your online account.
We don’t expect mums to be on time, so come in your own time and don’t worry about being late.
There is some parking available near the studio, but it is metered. Find out more about parking.
We have some space for buggies in the reception area which may need to be folded.
You are welcome to feed your baby at any time, and wherever you feel comfortable in the studio. You are welcome to feed in the studio during class, or you can sit downstairs. We have chairs available and you can use any props you need to make yourself and your little one comfortable. We have a kettle if you need to warm a bottle. Please ask the receptionist or teacher if you need anything.
Don’t worry, we will find a nice quiet spot for your baby to sleep, giving you absolute peace of mind while you practice. You can bring a sleeping baby upstairs or leave them with the receptionist in the safe, locked reception area at the bottom of the stairs. There is space for a car seat in the studio if needed.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us.