Beginners Yoga

We offer a range of classes for beginners at our Stoke’s Croft studio space. We help you discover the best yoga style to suit you so you can reap the rewards of practicing yoga.

Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar and Ashtanga are all forms of Hatha Yoga, so they use the same postures and basic principles. Hatha and Iyengar are best if you are new to Yoga, as they are slower and great for learning the basics. Iyengar is an alignment based, precise style where postures are generally held for a longer period of time. Hatha Flow, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow are faster and more dynamic, linking breath and movement. Ashtanga classes always follow a progressive set sequence, generally holding each pose for 5 breaths.

Find out about the different Yoga Styles here.

When you arrive at the studio we will have either a receptionist or the yoga teacher there to welcome you and sign you in. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class to give yourself time to change, and tell the teacher about any injuries or illnesses you may have.

Once you have been signed up, you can usually go straight to the studio and grab yourself a mat, and find somewhere to sit or lie down to relax before class begins. Each class is slightly different depending on the teacher, but most classes start with a few moments of ‘settling’, where you begin to focus on your body, mind and breath. The majority of the class is spent doing “asana”, which means posture work. This is where you hold difference shapes with your body, and try to keep your mind from wandering. The end of class is usually taken lying down on a mat. We have blankets and eye pillows to help you to fully relax. If it’s cold we suggesting wearing socks and a jumper when you first go up to the studio – you will take these off to practice, but you might like to wear them at the end of class to stay warm.

We have yoga equipment here so you don’t need to bring anything. Wear comfortable clothes – leggings, shorts or jogging bottoms are all fine, and a comfortable top (preferably tight fitting, or something you can tuck into your trousers).
We recommend booking as our classes can get busy, but this is not essential. Visit our timetable and select the class you’d like to book.
We have various options depending on how many classes you want to attend each week. If you are new to BCY we offer you 21 days of Unlimited Yoga for £30. With an Unlimited membership you can come to as many classes as you like for £20 per week (payable every 4 weeks).

If you want to just drop in and try a class, the cost is £10 for any class up to 60mins, and £12.50 for classes of 75mins or longer.

View our full pricing in our timetable.

You can find a map of our location and parking information here.
It depends on the injury, but most yoga postures can be adapted to suit any injuries and conditions, or alternatives can be given which will have a similar or more therapeutic effect. We recommend Hatha or Iyengar Yoga if you have an injury.

You must let your teacher know if you have any injuries or conditions before the class starts. If you are unsure – give the studio a call on 0117 924 4414 and we will do our best to advise you.

We recommend you don’t eat 2 hours before coming to yoga. If that isn’t possible for you, then snacking on light food like fruit or oatcakes would be better than eating a heavy meal.
Usually it is not recommended to drink water during class, but if you feel like you would like to have water with you, you are welcome to take it. Please only bring water up to the studio in a bottle as glasses are often spilt. We have a kitchen area where you can help yourself to water before and after class also.
We offer an Intro to Yoga course on Sunday evenings which is specially designed for people who have never done yoga before. The group is smaller than in our drop in classes, and all the students will be beginners.

We also offer courses for beginners on Sunday and Monday evenings. These are perfect for anyone looking to understand the principles behind yoga, and is a great follow on from the Intro to Yoga course.

We also offer one to one sessions for individuals or small groups which is a great way to build your confidence and learn the basics. Contact the studio to find out more.

Definitely! Yoga is for everyone, and although at the beginning some of the postures might seem hard, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can feel the benefits. Just let the teacher know at the beginning of class.

You might also want to consider coming along to our Intro to Yoga course.

Yoga is for everyone regardless of gender, age or whether you are pregnant. At Bristol City Yoga we have a number of members who are male so you will not be alone. If you are pregnant, we recommend coming to one of our Pregnancy Yoga Classes, where our teachers are qualified specifically to teach pregnancy yoga.
All of our teachers have at least 3 years experience teaching yoga – many have much more. All of them are fully qualified to teach Yoga and have a dedication to both practicing yoga and teaching it.  Find out more about our teachers.

Got a question we haven’t answered? Email us at or phone 0117 924 4414.